IT Professional
February 2015 - Ongoing

IFC is a neutral, non-proprietary data format used to describe, exchange and share information that was developed by BuildingSmart UK.

The eXtensible Building Information Modelling (xBIM) Toolkit is an open-source, software development BIM tool that supports the BuildingSmart Data Model (aka the Industry Foundation Classes IFC). It allows to read, create and view Building Information (BIM) Models in the IFC format. There is full support for geometric, topological operations and visualisation.
It is open-source. The project is written in C#, it is implemented on the .NET platform and is compatible with WPF and ASP.NET. The 3D modelling and visualisation is supported by the Open CASCADE codes, and the parser uses the Gardens Point Parser Generator.

A neat part of the project is the xBIM Xplorer (Explorer), that can allow users to Open and view IFC files over any popular web-browser; Navigate through a model to see detailed information of the building such as thickness of roof, number of doors, etc; Show and hide parts of the building; View a model in 360° degrees; Export the IFC files as .ifcXML, ifcZIP files.

I am currently engaged in developing and testing this toolkit, in the aim to implement and automate its usage in architecture studios, real estate offices, immovable property registration authorities, etc.

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