IT Professional
2008 - 2013

An Electronic Meeting System (EMS) is an electronic method of conducting any and all activities that can occur in a face-to-face or distance meeting. EMS provide a computer-based system that facilitates problem-solving and decision-making. Standard features include electronic brainstorming, parallel processing, discussion tools and voting.

A typical implemented project would consist of these elements:

  • Conference system made of participant units, chairman unit; card sign-in with the card containing the generalities of the participant, voting with the card, proccessing of the presence, voting and other data through the computer software; saving the data for the session in a database, etc;

  • Video-tracking to attain the vizual monitoring of the delegates in the room with the camera automatically focusing the speaking person;

  • Simultaneous interpretation system for multi-lingual meetings comprised of interpretation units, IR transmitters & IR receivers for participants;

  • Integrated video-conferencing for multi-location meetings;

  • Visual media such as tv screens, video-projectors, etc.

As a Project Manager with Teater TV Studio Sh.p.k., I have gained experience in the implementation of these systems in different sites, with well appreciated results.

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